Fili Film Festival

In a few short hours Fili’s Tim and Amber will embark on an EPIC 24 hour journey. The dynamic duo will attempt to brainstorm, storyboard, set, record, and edit two short films each… in total that is FOUR short films in a 24 hour period!

They will be submitting these films to a Film Festival in Lawrence Kansas for judging!

After 5pm today Tim and Amber will start prep. and take behind the scenes photos and videos as they trudge through their processes of creation!

UPDATE: This is a quick shot of what we will be loading into the car and packing up for the first half hour to hour of our 24.

Making GREAT film, even short pieces, requires TONS of prep work and time before our hands even touch the cameras!

Next comes location scouting, storyboarding, and dialoguing!

UPDATE: We use an amazing App called Shotlister that allows us to make visual storyboards directly on our phones! This makes scouting and storyboarding easy to do in one step!

This is the beginning of film one out of four!!



UPDATE: Well, Tim and Amber have wrapped shooting two out of four shorts so far! We are 8 hours into our 24!

This is one of the second to last shots of our first shoot… how did we get the stairs to look creepy? A little blue light!

UPDATE: This will probably be the last update of the night! We have wrapped filming on three out of four videos and have one completely edited!

Two films are in the process of edits and polishing and one has some filming left to tackle tomorrow and an edit to undergo!

As for time? We feel that we are right on track!

These pictures go to show that sometimes in making a film the props and sfx can make or break a shoot! If that means you have to burn part of your 24 hours making them perfect… then by all means you make them!!


UPDATE: Tim and Amber have finished their four films and have gotten them submitted!!!

Keep your eyes on our page as we will be competing via “Popular vote” while the judges also do their judging!

We are hoping you, our biggest fans, can help lead us to victory!!

As soon as the competition is open we will post up the links so you can go vote, vote, vote!!


Snack Time:

Best “Offshore” short (Out of town/ Lawrence) 3rd Place

Peoples Choice 3rd place

Best Drama 1st Place


Devil’s in the Details:

Best Comedy 3rd place

Best overall Short Short 3rd place



The Phoenix award 1st place


Play ME:


Awards Assembly: