Telling stories that matter

When people ask us what we do at Fili Creative, I usually give some sort of garbled response using the phrases: media production, make videos, marketing, etc. If someone presses further, I start with our mission statement and how it directs us.

“Fighting for the good in the world…”

What is the good we are fighting for? Put simply, we believe in working with organizations that use their resources in a way that helps people by providing products or services that fulfill needs.

“…by telling stories that matter.”

To us, media production is a means to an end. Our equipment, while fun to play with, is just one part of the toolbelt that enables us to effectively help people. We create videos that communicate meaningful information for our clients to their customers and stakeholders.

While each client and project is different, we often use a common production style. We shoot an interview, or series of interviews, that captures the main objective of the client. For instance, we might shoot a testimonial in which a pleased customer shares the features of a given product that they have found useful.

Our specialty (and passion), is to take the interview footage and mold it into something that doesn’t just appeal to the viewers brains but also their hearts. To achieve that standard, we make use of an extensive library of licensed music, b-roll captured within the organization, tasteful titles and graphics, and extensive time spent trying to pull the best moments of the interview footage.

Along with the obvious focus on cinematography, so much goes into a meaningful video. We strive to take the technical problems off the hands of our customers and work alongside them to tell important stories.

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