We are a mission-focused media production company who develops innovative ideas and creates compelling content for brands and organizations who want to make an impact.



Fili Creative can help further your mission. No matter how small your non-profit, great messaging can make a huge impact. We will help craft your message to tell your story the best way possible.



Grow your business with Fili Creative’s professional staff. Whether it is an advertisement or an informational video about your next big product, we are here to help.


Grow your following with captivating media designed specifically for you. Our team of experts can give you the boost you need with custom content that zero's in on your niche and engages your followers.

Our Video Process

Our Production Team will meet with you about your goals for each video.

Team members will script, storyboard, and lay the foundation of your video.

Lights. Camera. Action! 

Production starts filming at your business location or at our new studio.

Our post-production team will expertly assemble your video and send it over for your review.

Tell us what you think! Provide feedback and we will make changes.

We deliver your finished video in a share ready format so you can start promoting your business.

Cohort Digital is an experienced digital marketing company based in Topeka, Kansas. Alyssa Menke and her team expertly deliver your digital marketing content to your target audience, ensuring that your video is placed in the right hands. Cohorts’ team is skilled in a wide array of platforms and have masterfully developed strategies to extend your marketing budget. Fili Creative is proud to be in a marketing partnership with Cohort Digital.

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