We are the peeps behind the camera who care an awful lot about what we do.

So, if you like working with fun (and often silly) professionals who love developing innovative ideas and creating compelling content for brands and organizations, then you've come to the right place.


Your passion is our passion. We want to help get the word out about what you have to offer and further your mission. No matter how small your non-profit, great messaging can make a huge impact. Let's craft content that is undeniably to you.


Grow your business and increase your ROI with our team of professionals. With our plethora of skills and eye for creative content, we can give your brand the boost it needs. All while ensuring that your personality is at the center of it all.


Organically increase your following with captivating media designed specifically for you. Our team of experts can give you the boost you need with custom content that zero's in on your niche and engages your followers.


Learn what your goals are for your next marketing project & start developing creative solutions to achieve your vision.

Lay the foundation of your project and structure an efficient plan for your custom creative services and video.

Let’s create!

Film your video.

Design your website.

Take some headshots.

We have many skills.

Assemble & color grade the footage.

Optimize audio & design.

This is where the real magic happens.

Package your new 

video & marketing content and tie up in a nice bow. 

It’s ready to deliver!


Every organization is unique.

That’s why we work our tails off to create the best content that is going to reflect your brand’s personality and engage your target audience.

Want to MAXIMIZE the reach of your new video?

Cohort Digital is an experienced digital marketing company based in Topeka, Kansas. Alyssa Menke and her team expertly deliver your digital marketing content to your target audience, ensuring that your video is placed in the right hands. Cohorts’ team is skilled in a wide array of platforms and has masterfully developed strategies to extend your marketing budget.

Ready to increase your ROI

& create effective content?


Business Director

Ready to increase your ROI and create effective content?

We look forward to seeing what we can do for your marketing needs.


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